The Paris Accord to limit carbon emissions is doomed to fail as it penalizes the wrong parties.  Countries impose taxes on their domestic users, with the logic that national carbon emissions will be reduced if it costs more to consume.  All this does is reduce the national standard of living — through higher costs of living.  Also, as the cost of production rises via higher energy costs, domestic producers are no longer able to compete with cheaper overseas production, resulting in fewer production jobs — as well as correspondingly increases in imports from the worst polluting nations on Earth (e.g. China and India).  This cycle only further exacerbates the global carbon emissions problems by increasing production in countries the most responsible for man-made global warming.

The riots in France are a case in point.  President Marcon has imposed new fuel taxes on the French people.  He is penalizing the French people for the pollution being emitted by China, India, and America.  The French protesters have had enough of misguided policies that make them suffer.

There is a clear two-fold solution.  First, do not impose a direct tax on the use of carbon based energy.  Rather, use taxpayer money to invest in infrastructure and large scale clean energy products to make clean energy cheaper than carbon based energy.  That may take a lot of money, but for example, if America quit waging war across the globe, there would be plenty of money to invest in clean energy projects.

Second, rather than tax domestic usage of carbon energy, a carbon tax should be imposed on imports from the most egregious national polluters, like China, India, and America.  That would penalize the real drivers of man made global warming, removing their incentive to use cheap, high polluting carbon energy production (e.g. China burns the sand removed from Canadian sand oil for fuel, causing horrific pollution for the sake of cheap production costs).

But though I think this is a more rational policy than those currently being pursued, in the end, both science and Revelation tell us that it is took late to focus on carbon emissions reduction — there is already enough carbon in the atmosphere to produce catastrophic global warming, which will bring about a number of prophecies found in Revelation.

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