The voters in America chose to fight for the sovereignty of its nation, as well as to strengthen its democracy, by rejecting Hillary at the poll booth.  The voters saw through the blatant propaganda of the mass media (at least half of them anyway) and used their own judgement to vote.  Those working for the rise of the Jewish secular moshiach were handed a major setback, and Believers were able to Keep the Beast at Bay — at least for awhile longer.

Trump’s electoral victory and the defeat of Hillary reinforces the scenarios and timeline as presented by this website.  A Hillary victory would have presented a number of challenges to the arguments presented here.  I believe that if Hillary had won, then the agents of the Beast would have been able to accelerate the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach (aka the Anti-Christ), possibly as early as within the next 8 years.  If Hillary had won, she would have instigated a war with Russia, which would have prematurely brought about the global war, which is to occur after the opening of the Seventh Seal.  However, luckily, Hillary was defeated, pushing these events farther back in the future, where they belong.

Trump’s victory reinforces our view that we are still waiting for the opening of the Sixth Seal, where we have speculated that a major eruption of a super volcano will bring about the manifestations of the Sixth Seal (see topic ‘Science and the Sixth Seal’).  The Trump Presidency also supports our argument that the European Union will first breakup, before reforming in a politically merged mega-state of 10 nations.

The monetary policies of the U.S. Federal Reserve under the Obama administration has created the largest debt and asset bubble that the entire world has ever seen.  The Federal Reserve has intentionally facilitated and supported the greatest amount of debt and leverage across the globe, encompassing government debt, corporate debt, and personal debt.  This massive and unprecedented global leveraging means that the next financial crisis will quickly morph in a global economic crisis.  The agents of the Beast will seek to use this crisis for its own political gain, but I believe it will create such financial and economic stress, that the European Union will crumble due to the financial stress.  The monetary and fiscal structure of the EU is not strong enough to withstand another global financial crisis.

The victory of Trump will encourage those political parties in Europe which are seeking to leave the EU — the National Front of France, the 5-Star Movement of Italy, and the AfD of Germany.  These groups will have a greater chance of success under a Trump Presidency, as his administration will not seek to actively undermine their activities.  Given these two factors, the chances of the EU breaking up has increased significantly.

Trump has set forth a political agenda which runs directly contrary to that of the Beast.  Trump will look to regain control of the southern border by building a wall to stop illegal immigration.  This will strengthen the national sovereignty of America — there is nothing more fundamental to a nation than control of its borders.  This, combined with the deportation of illegal immigrants, will also help support those politicians who would fight against surrendering national sovereignty in other forms.  For example, the TPP and TPIP trade negotiations have died with the Trump victory — those trade deals would have subordinated national sovereignty to  the interests of global corporations.

Under Trump, national interest will be a priority and he will stop its subjugation to global organizations.  Trump will also seek to strengthen the economic social structures that are supportive of a democratic society, by looking to once again reinvigorate the middle class.  By bringing back manufacturing jobs to America, the working classes will be able to leave their minimum wage jobs and have a chance at a decent life.  The deportation of illegal immigrants will make it easier for new workers and poorer workers to get entry level jobs, and get manual work that will pay more than minimum wage.

The mass media has proven itself to have absolutely zero credibility, as its mass propaganda and rigged polls were shown for what they are by the Trump victory.  They have been making ridiculous arguments about why they were so wrong, but the simple truth is that journalists have become propagandists, and anything they say now comes under complete suspicion.  The New York Times has violated the ‘fight club rules’ — rule #1, never talk about the complete lack of honesty.

While the mass media continues with its mass propaganda against Trump’s political goals, the New York Times has actually admitted to its own lack of honesty.  Perhaps they are not as thoroughly compromised as the rest of the mass media — but I doubt it.  One day the Beast will rise to power, and the mass media will be there to create a global ‘cult of personality’ (, and will support his efforts to be literally worshiped by the world.

My closing thought on this election, is that ironically enough, perhaps the real reason why Trump was able to win the election may have been because of President Obama!   President Obama called upon the national security organs of the nation to protect the election process from any possible hacking efforts ‘by the Russians’.

We had argued that one function of rigged polls was to support the outcome of massive election fraud — what if Obama, intentionally or not, had acted to prevent Hillary supporters from hacking the election systems.  As the agents of the Beast were denied the ability of massive election fraud, the actual election results were the result of a more or less fair election.  This is pure conjecture, but the world is now a very strange place, and truth can be way more interesting than fiction.

The Beast has been kept at bay for a time, but the opening of the Sixth and Seventh Seals are still coming.  Prepare, be vigilant, and in your own way, seek to serve God.  Perhaps the most fundamental command Jesus gave us was to love our neighbors — protecting them from the agents of the Beast is one way to show that love.

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