A generally woke news site has reposted a story about how a mother killed a gay pedophile after she discovered he was sexually abusing her sons.

UK mum stabs paedophile to death after he abused her kids | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site

This occurred in 2014.  Irregardless of the timing, I am posting this as this site has repeatedly made the argument that the roots of homosexuality lie in the sexual abuse of children.  The current promotion and propaganda surrounding ‘trans-children’ ignores the tragic fact that these children have been subjugated to long term and severe sexual abuse by either an adult or older minor.  It supports our argument that those who are promoting trans-children (e.g., sex changes for minors) are serving the Whore of Babylon, as Revelation tells us that the Whore is full of corruption.

This site continues to monitor events in Europe, as we have argued that the current social/economic chaos being caused by the illegitimate Biden administration, will cause the 10 horns of the Beast to hate the Whore, and bring about the Whore’s destruction (you will need to read previous posts if all that just went over your head).

(I still find it strange that a woke news site would bring up this up now, as it happened 8 years ago.)

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