We earlier reported on the announcement by the Prime Minister of the UK to hold a referendum on British membership in the European Union (http://news.yahoo.com/cameron-publish-eu-vote-bill-bid-defuse-party-064432508.html).

I worried that the announcement was merely a political ploy, given it was to be held after the next national elections, with a deadline of 2017.  It would seem members of his own party have the same worry, as they are moving to make that promise of a referendum legally binding.  However, it is doubtful that such a bill would be successful in the current Parliament.
What seems to be driving the Conservative party is the growing popularity of the Ukip — a new political force that is pushing for Britain to leave the EU (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/ukip/10054024/Ukip-will-push-for-early-EU-referendum-says-Nigel-Farage.html).
It is important for Believers in EU member nations to fight for the withdrawal of their nation from that confederation.  Given the prophecies of Revelation, all indications are that the Beast will gain dominion over at least 10 European nations.  Believers must try to protect themselves and their neighbors from the certain horror that will befall any who find themselves under the dominion of the Beast when he makes his final ascension.

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