With the growing use of drones in America for surveillance and reports of a new program to enable tracking of all civilian vehicles on the roadways,  we now receive word that the Obama administration (remember it is not just Obama, but the people behind him) is laying the way for the use of the US military against Americans on American soil — http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/28/inside-the-ring-directive-outlines-obamas-policy-t/.

As I have said in the past, do not pay attention to the stated reasons for new legislation and rules being laid out by Washington, but look at what it does, at its true nature.  Obama, and more importantly those behind him (for they shall continue after Obama is gone), are paving the way for the rise of a totalitarian state — which will be launched by the Beast at his rising (if not before).

Following up on our previous write up about the coming Israeli cashless society, we have a Harvard economist making a similar argument for America in the Financial Times.  Again, he uses the same argument that to cut down on tax evasion and crime, America should move to a cashless society.  The children of the Beast are relentless in their efforts to bring about their political and social agenda.  Their attempts to eliminate cash and establish a completely electronic monetary system ties in with their efforts to establish a national identification system (which includes bio-metric data) — both of which are required to implement the mark of the Beast.

The signs of Revelation can now be seen so clearly in the news that one must wonder if indeed the first rider has been unleashed, and similarly, if the second rider and third riders are on their way.

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