We have previously argued that science supports the prophecies of Revelation, as the scenarios painted for the not too distant future by the climate scientists are consistent with the sufferings found in Revelation.  New research shows that the changes impacting the world are quite dynamic.  I have found the following article quite interesting — http://www.delhidailynews.com/news/Heightened-Antarctic-ice-loss-may-prompt-volcanic-activity–Study-1400594247/.

This article, while not very well written, it sums up a number of separate articles that have been written concerning ongoing changes in Antarctica.  The melting of the ice in Antarctica is so great, that the decrease in weight of the ice is causing the land to rise (the heavy weight of the ice pushed down the land mass, and now it is rising with a reduction of that weight).  This rising of the land is similarly causing magma to form and rise, giving rise to the possible formation of a new volcano, and could possibly activate older volcanoes.  Should a volcanic eruption occur below the ice, it is easy to predict that it will accelerate the melting of the ice in Antarctica and cause the oceans to rise at an accelerated pace.

This new research shows that while it may be difficult to imagine that the calamities predicted by Revelation, the future will bring unimaginable events, such as the above mentioned scenario.  Who could have imagined a few years ago that global warming could cause volcanic eruptions in the South Pole?

Similarly, science has also brought us the primary scenario for a global pestilence (as prophesied in Revelation) — http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/Experiments-could-cause-deadly-bird-flu-pandemic-scientists-warn/articleshow/35441353.cms

(again, the article comes from India…).  God does not need to call down a pestilence on the world like He did in Egypt during the time of Moses — man will use science to create the virus that will see to the fulfillment of Revelation.

Science is a ‘friend’ of Believers, as it fully supports the time line of the prophecies of Revelation and the second coming of Christ.

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