The timing is so perfect.  My last entry talked about how we have not seen the last of legislative attempts to create a national identification data base.  Just now I came across a Bloomberg opinion piece that again is arguing for the need of such a identification system —

This ‘business news’ service is quite consistent in its support for policies which are supportive of the rise of the Beast in America and Europe.

As I argued earlier — look at the nature of the legislation and what does it actually do (and ignore the state reasons).  The so called ‘e-verify’ system is the creation of a national identification system that every employer will need to use, to check on the legal status of the employee.  This national identification system, if implemented, will quickly expand in its application and will soon be tied into the electronic payment system infrastructure.  Its pasage into law means that the coming of the Beast may be sooner than people think — and further raises the probability that the Beast will ultimately come to take dominion over America.


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