Fallen Angel

We have argued in ‘Political Agenda of the Beast’, that the Beast will use the democratic process to gain power, while simultaneously working to weaken those processes.  Once the Beast rises to his final place of power, he will usurp power from the democratic institutions, and will become an autocratic ruler.  We arrived at these conclusions by examining his actions as prophesized by Revelation.

In America, the first nation to overthrow the power of the monarch and the aristocracy, we can see the children of the Beast working to weaken democracy in preparation for the ascendency of the Beast.

A crucial element for the creation and support of a democracy is a relatively ‘flat’ distribution of wealth between the different economic classes.  The existence of a strong middle class is the more common way to describe this.  With the acceleration of the ‘globalization’ of the economy, and the accompanying mix of government policies, there has a significant divergence between economic prosperity of the top 1% of the population and the working class (i.e. anyone who needs to work in order to pay for living expenses).  Refer to ‘Economic Policies of the End Days’ for a detailed discussion.

Due to the policies of the federal government, the top 1% control at least 40% of the nation’s wealth (undoubtedly the top 1% own way more than 40% given that they had significant portions of their assets in offshore havens), with a growing percentage of the population living from pay check to pay check.  The economic environment is increasingly mirroring those historically found in autocratic governments.  At the time of the American Revolution, the monarchy and aristocracy controlled most of the wealth in England, whereas in the colonies, the wealth gap between classes was much smaller.

The top 1% will look to translate their disproportionate wealth into disproportionate political power.  Historically, Congress had made sporadic attempts to limit contributions that any one person could make, in an attempt to limit the amount of influence the wealthy could on any given election.  In 2010, the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Committee basically means that individuals and corporations can now give unlimited amounts for any given election.  This removed a major barrier that was holding back the mega-rich from expanding their political power.  The ability of the top 1% to elect sympathetic candidates and attain favorable legislation has been significantly enhanced.

As the Beast is prophesized to rise to power over Western democracies, we can conclude that the Beast and his children will have control over significant wealth.  We can see the political activities of the children of the Beast in the US, and it is indicative of their great wealth.  Now that the Beast and his children have achieved great wealth and unconstrained ability to employ that wealth in the political process, they will increasingly move to erode and subvert democratic processes and institutions.  They have also begun the process of taking back freedoms and rights first won when democratic rule was first established when America declared its independence from England.

The process of erosion and the eventual loss of a right/liberty are illustrated in the Prism scandal.  The Obama administration has argued that it has done nothing illegal by its whole sale download of everyone’s telephone records, emails, and texts.  The argument that this does not violate the right for protection against unreasonable search and seizure stems from a case concerning business records.  The Supreme Court first allowed the government free access to business records of private companies.  This was later expanded to private citizens phone records, which was followed by free access to bank records (yes, the IRS is monitoring people’ bank statements and comparing it to their tax filings for inconsistencies).  Now, the government uses similar arguments to freely access people’s internet activities, including emails and texts.  We can see how people’s right to privacy and right to protection from unreasonable search and seizures has been eroded to the point where it will soon disappear.

The Beast and his children are also looking to have the federal government take back other freedoms and rights.  When the Beast makes his ascension to his final place of power, he will need the federal bureaucracy to enforce his will.  This means that the federal government will need to ultimately take back right and liberties from the people.

We can see that the gradual erosion of rights has started on a number of fronts.

The right to habeas corpus has been weakened.  Anyone (citizen or foreigner) can now be held indefinitely and without being charged with a crime, if the executive branch so desires.  The following link gives a detailed account of how this basic right has been weakened and subverted in the last decade (http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-suspension-of-habeas-corpus-in-america/5311701)

The right to a trial by one’s peers has been eroded by the government’s drone policy. The government knowingly targeted and killed a US citizen, using drones in Pakistan.  They also admitted to killing 6 other American citizens in similar fashion (no wonder people are nervous about the introduction of drones or use on American soil).  Before being killed by the federal government, none of these citizens were given the right to a trial.  The government has crafted a legal argument to allow it to kill citizens without a trial — a major leap from loss of habeas corpus.  No matter what argument was crafted to restrict the ability of the government to kill citizens without trial, have no doubt that its use will be expanded with time.

The freedom to leave the country has been restricted.  Though not a right specifically designated in the Bill of Rights, the loss of this freedom is associated with autocratic dictatorships.  The federal government first took away this right for persons convicted in court of failing to pay child support — by refusing to issue or revoking that person’s passport.  This restriction was recently expanded to people whom the IRS has judged to be in arrears in owed taxes over a certain amount — without the need of a court conviction.   Should America fall under the dominion of the Beast, you can be sure that you will not be allowed to flee the country if you do not have the mark.

Transportation Security Administration has the ability for force millions to give up their rights to privacy on a daily basis.  They have the ability to harass any passenger who protests their treatment at the airport.  Full body scans that reveal the most intimate aspects of an individual reinforces the mentality that people have lost their rights to the federal government.

The Supreme Court decision that upheld Obamacare may hold the reasoning that will allow the federal government to increase its ability to directly control an individual’s spending decision (which may tie in to the introduction of the mark of the Beast).  Prior to this decision, the government was only able to tax an individual when he decided to make a purchase.  The new court ruling expanded this power, allowing the government to ‘tax’ someone if they decided to NOT purchase a good.  The expansion of government power represents a reduction of individual liberty as the individual’s freedom of choice grows smaller.

The newly created aristocracy, the mega rich, will look to translate their wealth into political power.  The Beast and his children will use them, and will similarly work to prepare for the ascension of the Beast.  I have used examples from America on how democracy is being eroded.  These same trends can be seen in other European democracies.  In the End of Days, the prophecies of Revelation infer that the Beast and his children will usurp power allowing the Beast to proclaim himself a king (or perhaps even the Son of God).  Believers can still stand up and fight to keep their nation from falling under the dominion of the Beast.  For the sake of family and friends, Believers need to act.

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