In the past we have argued that a breakup of the EU as it is currently structured is consistent with the prophecies of Revelation.  Consensus interpretation of the relevant scriptures is that the Beast will come to lead a 10 nation confederation, and the current EU has 28 member nations.  We concede that there is a possibility that there are other possible scenarios — e.g. within the greater European Union, there may be 10 leaders that are children of the Beast and who are working together as a cabal within the EU.  However, we hope that the consensus view is correct and that the EU will break apart — for by doing so, it offers hope of salvation for the citizens of the nations that leave the EU.  Those who eventually fall under the dominion of the Beast will be forced to receive his mark, and God has said very plainly that those who receive the mark and worship the Beast will be damned.
The recent EU elections offer a glimmer of hope for the people of Europe.  The so-called ‘right wing’ ‘populists’ UKIP of Great Britain and the National Front of France, as well as similar parties in Greece, the Netherlands, and Austria did very will in those elections.  The similarity all of those parties share is there opposition to the political merger of the EU — which is the end game goal for the ‘political elites’ as well as for the children of the Beast.  We must pray for the success of the ‘Euro-sceptic’ parties as the souls of millions are at stake.

On a different topic, a very interesting article was recently published in Israel —

Under the excuse of reducing tax avoidance, the Israeli government is working for the elimination of paper currency and coins in the domestic economy — a cashless society.  I find this extremely interesting as we have argued in the past that should the Beast be working under the guise of a false Jewish mashiach (i.e. messiah), then the Beast as well as his children, will be looking to fulfill to create a secular Jewish messianic state.  A fundamental requirement is that all the Jewish people return to Israel.  Given that this is neigh impossible, then both the United States (which is the to about 40% of the world’s Jewish population) and Israel (the home of roughly the same amount of Jewish people) must merge with the politically unified EU (which is home to about 15%).  The fact that the Israel government has explicitly made a cashless society a governmental goal supports our argument of its inclusion into the final dominion of the Beast.

Given this, it makes it all the more interesting that Stanley Fischer, the Head of the Israeli Central Bank as recently as 2013, has just been approved to join the Federal Reserve and looks to become the next Vice-Chairman.
It is easy to assume that Fischer will be tapped to become the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and that he too will be a proponent for establishing a cashless society in America.

The final dominion of the Beast will be comprised of democratic nations.  Given that, it could be argued that voters, either by their action or inaction, will choose to come under his dominion — or will fight and reject it.  That process is now ongoing.  For those who are looking for the signs of Christ’s return, God has provided an abundance of such signs.

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