I will have to do my writing away from my PC for a while, so am not sure how things will look.  Please forgive any issues that this may cause.

I will soon go under the knife, to cut out what tumors can be removed — remember me in your prayers.  I was torn at first, as I thought doing chemo would allow God’s intervention to make me whole again.  However, upon further thought, I thought not to ‘tempt’ God, and went with surgery as the probability of ridding myself of cancer was much higher — though still further away from 100% than I care for.  I still pray for a successful operation and for the complete elimination of cancer from my body.  The surgery will rob me of certain things, but that can no longer be helped.  If I can still live a somewhat normal life and survive until the rapture, then I will truly be blessed.

Thank you for all your prayers.


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