As we head further into the End of Days, Believers will be required to make difficult choices.  At the extreme are those who have been forced to endure severe persecution.  Many Christians who found themselves in the domain of Death and Hades (i.e. the conflict zones of the Middle East and Africa) have been martyred for their faith.   Many of the survivors had to flee their homes, in search of safety.

Believers in Europe and North America should consider whether the time is approaching for them to relocate as well.  The European Union continues its slow march toward political unification.  A politically unified EU will be the foundation upon which the Beast will build his global political dominance.  I would imagine that it will be the last place that a Believer will want to be.  However, in the more immediate future, events in America could be signaling that a more pressing tipping point is coming to bear.

President Trump has been single-handedly attempting to fight against the political agenda of the agents of the Beast — the establishment Republican politicians are doing very little to support him.  The agents of the Beast are working 24/7 to oust President Trump, especially as they fear they will be unable to defeat him in the 2020 Presidential election.  Should they succeed in impeaching President Trump, then I would argue that America has reached the point of no-return.  It would mean that the agents of the Beast have won sufficient control of the federal government — both elected officials and  government bureaucrats — to insure that they will be able to completely implement the political agenda of the Beast.  I would further argue that should America reach that tipping point, then there would be no further reason for God to look out for America.  This site has been arguing that the opening of the Sixth Seal will be manifested with a catastrophic eruption of a supervolcano.  America is home to 3 supervolcanos, and should God no longer be favoring America, then there would be no reason why He would hold back from allowing one of them to erupt.

Whether the Yosemite caldera erupts or not, the impeachment of President Trump would serve as a warning call to all Believers in America.  As it would be highly debatable whether God would look kindly on Believers launching a violent civil war in America, the only other option would be to leave the country.  Countries in the Southern Hemisphere could be good — places like Australia, New Zealand, or Chile.  Accelerated global warming will impact the Northern Hemisphere more severely and whatever will eventually serve to manifest the opening of the Sixth Seal, I would argue that it will also impact the Northern Hemisphere more.

It may seem rather extreme to quit your job and uproot your family in order to seek sanctuary from a threat that seems so remote.  As we proceed further into the End of Days, crazy things will happen more frequently.  Let your faith guide you as to what to do.  May God watch over you.

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