I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  The new year will be here soon, and with it, comes the promise of more surprises and wonders.

It has been awhile since I last posted something.  I have found it difficult to write as recent events have been especially troubling, giving rise to anger.  Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, as even God can be angered by evil.  When Jesus whipped and drove the merchants from the Temple, He was showing His anger.  However, though the evil deeds of the agents of the Beast may cause us great anger, we must respond and act to counter them in ways that Jesus would approve.

Nazi Paradigm

We have argued that the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ, will rule as a tyrant when he rises to power.  In preparation for this, the agents of the Beast will work to undermine and eventually destroy the democratic foundation of Europe and America.  More recently, we have been speculating that those working for the rise of the Beast were using the same strategies and tactics employed by the last tyrant who ruled over Europe — Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party.

We have alluded to a number of similarities between the tactics of the Nazis (i.e. the National Socialist Party of Germany) and those currently being employed in America and Europe.  Himmler was the first to so effectively use propaganda to win political power.  The corporate owned mass media of today employs 24/7 propaganda to pursue political power to achieve the political agenda of the Beast.  The Nazis created the Brown Shirts to physically attack their political opponents and to disrupt their meetings.  Today, the anti-Fa are used in the same fashion.

The agents of the Beast are in the initial stages of their next Nazi inspired strategy.  Just as the Nazis condoned, encouraged, and sponsored hatred and violence against the Jewish people, the agents of the Beast are doing the same for Trump and his followers.  Just as the Nazis turned the Star of David into a symbol of hate, so have the agents made the red MAGA cap a trigger for violence against the wearer.

The advocacy of violence against President Trump and his supports will be widened over time. The agents of the Beast will advocate violence against all political conservatives — and it will not stop there. It is only a matter of time before the rhetoric of violence becomes focused on Believers. The agents of the Beast’s adoption of the Nazi paradigm will be complete when the mass media propaganda machine is emboldened enough to advocate violence against Christians for their religious beliefs, just as Hitler did to the Jews. When the false Elijah rises, he will call for the “final solution”, commanding that all those who fail to bow down and worship the Anti-Christ as god, to be put to death (Revelation 13:15).

One candidate for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, Butteridge, has already made statements laying out positions that could be used a the basis for the federal government to begin persecuting conservative Christians. Should Butteridge actually become the Democratic Party candidate for the 2020 Presidential race, then I will track down his past comments to show how his Presidency would mark the start of a concerted federal government drive to persecute Believers in America.   I pray that it will not come to that.

The agents of the Beast have been using the paradigm that the Nazis used to engineer the rise of Hitler.   Mass media propaganda, the anti-Fa violence against conservatives, and the demonization of conservatives are all taken from the Nazi playbook.  For the next year, the mass media, as well as social media, will be a frenzy of fake news and propaganda as the 2020 US Presidential elections are draw near. The Democratically controlled House of Representatives vote to impeach President Trump shows that the agents of the Beast will do anything and say anything to gain political power. Believers must either fight or flee. The US will not be able to survive another President who holds the same political agenda as the Beast and his agents. Should Buttteridge or some other Democrat win the Presidential election, I fear it would mark the 9th inning of America as a sovereign nation, with literally hell on Earth coming to replace it.


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