Our current interpretation of Revelations is that the European Union will eventually split apart, and that 10 of the 17 nations will move ahead with a full political union.  One possible scenario, is that the final Unholy 10 will include the United States of America.  This would be a nightmare scenario for American believers.  (The ‘better’ scenario would be for the US to move back to its more traditional ‘isolationist’ stance and become more inward looking — and hence separate from the 10 nation union.)

Over the weekend, there was a small news blurb that Portugal has formally asked for the US government to help the EU with its current government debt crisis.

The US Central Bank has already granted the European Central Bank unlimited access to US dollar borrowing — and hence allows European private banks to borrow as many dollars as they want.  The Portuguese are now asking for the US government to step in, and one can only assume that they want the US government to use US taxpayer money to help bail out European governments.  I will not elaborate on how wrong this would be, but rather to warn that further entanglement between the US and the EU on Europe’s debt problems increases the risks that the agents of the Beast are aiming to bring the US into the final Unholy 10 nation union that will be dominated by the Beast — and brings up the disturbing possibility that the Beast is an American and not a European.

We must pray that the US should not fall under the sway of the Beast, as it would eventually lead to tremendous suffering for the Believers in the US.  It does not take much imagination to see the work of the agents of the Beast in the US.  Believers must not only pray, but do what they can to prevent the US taking a path that will lead to its inclusion into the European political union.

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