Marine Le Pen, the leader of a “far-right” political party in France, the Front National party, has added a new plank to her platform — a call to exit the Eurozone.  The voters of Greece and other nations in the Eurozone still have a chance to save their countries from the tyranny of the Beast by demonstrating, protesting, and voting to leave the Eurozone.  Whatever economic hardships that result, the ultimate consequences of being in one of the final 10 nations that remain and join the political unification of the Unholy 10, is much worse.  The bible is unequivocal on this point — whoever receives the mark of the Beast is damned forever.

The countries of the Eurozone are all democracies, so the voters still have the ultimate power and can make the final decision to leave the Euro.  The wealthy can flee to Switzerland, Singapore, or maybe to places like Canada or New Zealand, but for the other 95%, they are basically unable to to leave their country should it join the new politically unified European entity.  For the sake of the souls of their family, friends, and neighbors, people in the Eurozone must fight to leave it.  Ultimately 10 nations will fall under the sway of the Beast — Believers who find themselves in one of those nations must flee for the sake of their souls.  Perhaps now is the time to think about how we can help these future refugees.

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