I believe that the agents of the Beast are ‘all-in’ in their efforts to elect Clinton.  They have had their way for eight years, and so they will say and do anything to remain in power.  A Trump victory would prove to be a major set back for those working to bring about the rise of the Jewish moshiach.  It could also serve to trigger certain events described in Revelation.

From the Book of Daniel (Daniel 7:23-24), it is prophesied that the Beast will rise to power over a revived Roman Empire.  This revived empire will be a mega-state, comprised of 10 politically merged nations — presumably of nations that were once linked to the Roman Empire.  A Trump victory this November could help bring this about in a number of ways.

First, it could serve to save America from becoming one of the 10 nations of the Beast’s mega-state.  A Trump Presidency has the potential to turn America away from the path that is leading to the Beast — which is why the agents of the Beast, those working for the rise of the Jewish secular moshiach, are attacking him so vehemently.   By prying America away from the grasp of the Beast, it would make the 10 nation mega-state a truly European affair, in line with the prophecy that the mega-state will represent a revived Roman Empire.

Second, assuming that the agents of the Beast wield great influence over the financial markets and that they will plunge those markets into chaos should Trump win, a Trump victory could be the catalyst for the break-up and reformation of the European Union.  Undoubtedly the agents of the Beast would hope to gain political dominance over America, Europe, and Russia (which is why America is currently at war in Syria — to destabilize Russia).  The loss of America and the breakup of the EU would represent an unmitigated disaster for their ambitions.  

There is currently a global asset bubble due to the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve.  A Trump victory would move the Federal Reserve and the mass media to create panic and a popping of that asset bubble.  The ensuing financial crash and economic turmoil would create strains too great for the current monetary structure of the Euro-based economies.  The only resolution to such a problem would be the move to a full political unification of willing EU nations.  Revelation says that only 10 of the current 28 member nations will agree for the complete political unification, and the creation of the European mega-state.  

Revelation says that the first rider of the apocalypse, the rider on a white horse, will be a conquer and move from victory to victory — this does not mean the agents of the Beast are fated to win every victory in their quest for political power.  We cannot stop the Beast from rising, but we can Keep the Beast at Bay for as long as we can, to give our children a chance to find some happiness and to find God before things get crazy.  

A Clinton victory would be a disaster for everyone in America, Believer and non-Believer alike.  In the End of Days, social and political action serves as one way to try to look after the spiritual welfare of others.  The Supreme Court normalized homosexuality by legalizing gay marriage.  This means more and more children will be converted to homosexuality, making it near impossible for them to find God.  Things will go from bad to worse should Clinton become President.  Honor Christ’s command to love your neighbor by fighting against those looking bring to power the Jewish secular moshiach, aka the Anti-Christ.


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