Fallen Angel

Though the agents of the Beast have suffered electoral losses recently, including the victory of the Brexit camp and of Trump’s election campaign, that does not mean they have given up.  News has shown that they continue to be very active in California.


We have argued that the agents of the Beast are funding and pushing for illegal immigration, for the purpose of importing a block of voters that will be willing to vote away the sovereignty of their host nations, in this case, America.  We can see that this had progressed to its advanced stages in California.  The agents of the Beast have granted illegal immigrants the right to hold a California Driver’s License.  They are now moving to have all people with driver’s license to be automatically registered to vote, thus giving illegal immigrants the ability to vote.

Given how close many elections are, the creation of this huge and growing illegal voting block, demonstrates their ongoing attack on the democratic process.  By corrupting the voting process through giving illegal immigrants, illegal access to voting rights, the agents of the Beast seek to ultimately destroy the foundations of democracy itself.

The Beast will ultimately rise, but in the mean time, it is the duty of Believers to do all they can to keep the Beast at bay, for as long as they can.  By doing so, it gives time for the younger generation to still find God before it becomes too late.


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