The upcoming election in the United Kingdom is an interesting one, primarily because of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK Labor Party.  Jeremy Corbyn has been under constant attack from the major media and from members of his own party, ever since he won leadership of the Labor party.  The agents of the Beast do not like him — they seem to despise him just as much as Trump.  The reason is that they do not own him.  Corbyn does not support the perpetual war against Muslims — he has never supported the West’s attack on Iraq and Libya, nor does he support the war against Syria.  Because of this, the major media and those in the Labor party that have been bought by the Beast, are at constant war with him (sounds so much like Trump in that respect).  However, just like Trump, Corbyn has solid support from voters and now looks to be close to an electoral upset.  When Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister and leader of the Tory party, called for a snap general election, the media acted liked May would win an overwhelming majority in the Parliament.  The polls show (always a risky proposition believing polls, but when they show support for someone that the media hates, then they become more believable) that Labor is suddenly closing the gap, and could actually gain seats this election.

Should Labor increases their seats in Parliament, it should be considered a victory for Corbyn.  Should Labor gain control of Parliament, it would represent another major defeat for the agents of the Beast, as it would surely mean that the UK will pull out of any US coalition that is bombing Muslims — and obviously would not support any attempt to start a war with Iran, nor with Putin.  Also, Corbyn has refused to back the Remain camp and supports Brexit, though in a more moderate fashion (he is calling for a ‘negotiated’ exit, not a hard exit).

A Corbyn victory would show that poltical leaders of principle can overcome the mass media and the agents of the Beast — they just need a thick skin, a firm belief in their principles, and an absence of illegal behavior.

This site still continues its belief that a breakup of the current European Union will occur, and in doing so, will prove to be the catalyst for the founding of the 10 nation mega-state.

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