I have recently found two blogs that are dedicated to publishing news and research relating to Arctic warming.  It appears that they publish verifiable data and make reference to published research, so I am assuming that these sites are reliable.



I have referenced these blog sites because they have very interesting pieces on Arctic warming and the release of methane from Arctic sources.  I have found them particularly interesting as they make arguments that cannot be found in mass media.  They have put forth the argument that the massive release of methane due to Arctic warming has not only triggered a self-reinforcing cycle that will cause further Arctic warming, but they go on to argue that as the methane gets dispersed throughout the earth’s atmosphere, it will trigger massive worldwide heat spikes much sooner and much greater than current models (which do not factor in this phenomena) predict.  I find this particularly thought provocative as such an outcome would be consistent with our timeline — this site has argued that global warming will be the driving force in the manifestation of a number of prophecies found in Revelations, that we expect to happen with a maximum window of the next 30 years.


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