We have argued that there is a strong similarity between the prophecies of Revelation as they relate to the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) and Jewish beliefs as they relate to their long awaited secular messiah (aka moschiach).  Revelation tells us the Beast will come to power over a 10 nation confederation, a merged mega-state, and that he will eventually gain world wide domination.  Jewish beliefs surrounding the moschiach also say that he will be a secular political leader, of Jewish origins, who will gain political power over both Jew and gentile, and politically rule over many nations.  By this, we can see that the primary agenda point for both the Anti-Christ and the Moschiach is political domination and the ultimate political control on a world wide scale.  Such large ambitions are not achieved overnight and just like the rider on the white horse, the first horseman of the apocalpse, requires many victories to achieve their final goal.

One fundamental obstacle to both the Anti-Christ and the Moschiach is the existence of the nation-state, as it is impossible to rule more than one nation in the democratic West.  Given that the Beast/secular moschiach will not come to power by military conquest (this is an assumption as Revelation does not say how the Beast will gain power), the Beast and his children (those agents and ‘activists’ who prepare the way for his rise) must undermine, then break down the very existence of nation-states, starting in the democratic West (it is believed that the Beast will come to power over a ‘revived Roman Empire’).  By no small coincidence, most European nations have joined or in the process of joining the European Union, whose ultimate goal is the political merger of the member nations.  However, as these member nations are still democratic, the children of the Beast still must overcome natural national identification of its citizens, as well as the glaring reality of national borders and soverignity.  Uncontrolled illegal immigration attacks and undermines these three barriers to the political merger of nations in Europe.

Massive illegal immigration is firstly, an attack on the soverign borders of a nation-state.  Control of national borders, as it relates to the crossing of both goods and people, is central to any soverign nation.  Similarly, control over who can live in the country is also a fundamental power for any soverign nation — massive illegal immigration attacks and undermines both.

Secondly, massive immigration flows, whether illegal or not, serves to weaken the natural national identification of the nation-state.  If suddenly, 10% of your population does not speak your language, let alone share your national social and cultural values, national identification feels a shock.  When the numbers grow towards 25%, and the now foreign residents form a voting block, the agents and activists of the Beast now have sufficient leverage to overcome citizen’s reluctance to give away their national sovereignty to a mega-state (eg politically unified EU) or global organization (eg the United Nations).

In the case of the European Union, the establishment of the schengen zone, where EU member nations were required to permit uncontrolled immigration from other member states, was not successful enough in weakening the national sovereignty of those member nations.  Hence the agents of the Beast (more readily identifiable as activists working for the rise of a secular moschiach), have used the strife in Africa and the Middle East by encouraging and supporting the massive illegal immigration flows from those regions.  The children of the Beast will continue to push their agenda, as they continue to attack the very existence of nation-states, as they prepare the way for the coming Beast (who will come to power over a 10 nation mega-state).


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