The ongoing arson attacks of churches in America continue —

These attacks against Believers in America seems to go unreported in America, as this information comes to us through the courtesy of a British media outlet.  Though still painted as an act of repression against African-Americans (I have lately come to think the common usage of ‘blacks’ inherently reinforces racial problems), I would argue that there are other ways of expressing your racial bigotry than setting fire to a Christian church.

To take things a step further, I would speculate that these attacks are motivated to spark a racial fight between Christians, seeking to inflame angry African-Americans to reciprocate and burn ‘white’ churches.  I have voiced this view before.  I remember the first time I read of a bombing of a Shiite mosque (it might have been Sunni, I do not remember), and thought that it made no sense — but in the end, it eventually sparked the outbreak of outright violence between the Sunni and Shiites (prior, it was only a rivalry).  Who has benefited from this mindless violence — it does not take much thinking to find the answer to that question.  I would argue that the children of the Beast would be the beneficiaries should violence break out between ‘black and white’ Christians.  Given this, I would hope that all Believers should stand up and make a stand of support for those churches being fired bombed.  Let the Beast know that he cannot divide Believers.

We are in the End of Days — Believers cannot just sit in their churches, waiting for the rapture.  More will be required of Believers in these last days.

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