Grillo is still the man to watch in Italy

Things in Italy starting to get interesting again.  Grillo and his 5 Star Movement are seeking to regain their momentum by launching a petition for Italy to leave the EU.  It is somewhat ironic that the 5 Star Movement is demanding economic policies that the current leaders of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Greece all want — the issue of EU government bonds (issue bonds in the name of the EU, rather than as individual state government bonds) and the abolition of the Fiscal Pact.  Basically, Grillo (and other Mediterranean national leaders) want to replicate the monetary policy of America — unlimited government spending and debt, with a central bank that will buy unlimited amounts of that debt.

One scenario for the break up of the EU and reformation into a politically merged superstate, is for Grillo and his 5 Star Movement to come to power in Italy.  Should Grillo come to power in Italy, he would give the EU his ultimatum — allow Italy to enter into a massive fiscal stimulus and have the ECB finance it by buying its debt, or Italy would leave the Euro and the EU.  The other members, like Spain and France, would throw their weight behind Grillo.  Financial markets would throw a hissy fit of tremendous magnitude.  In the end, Germany and other norther European member states would leave the EU, with the remaining members moving to full political integration.  The end game would be the creation of a superstate that looks like a revived Roman Empire, and the stage would be set for the rise of the Beast.  This is pure speculation, perhaps worthy of a good novel, but nonetheless, nothing more than a string of what-ifs.  Still, Grillo is the man to watch in Italy.

The Temple in Jerusalem

‘Activists’ in Israel continue their efforts to achieve their important long term goal — the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.  However, even within Israel itself, there is serious debate over Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and the implications of a ‘Jewish state’ (which means that only Jews are allowed to be citizens).  Either way, we know how this issue will end — the Temple will be rebuilt and the Beast will seize it for his own worship (as he will claim to be the messiah).

The Coming Persecution — some more numbers

This article runs through different numbers, attempting to document the demographic profile of white, evangelical believers.  Please have a look at their numbers — not sure how valid their numbers are, but they are supportive of previous arguments made here.  The bottom line is that younger age groups show major decreases in the number of Believers, compared to soon to be dying off baby boomers.  Extremely well funded groups hostile to Believers are active in government and in other aspects of American society.  With the dying off of the older generation, which has a significant number of Believers, the percentage of Believers will shrink significantly over the next 10 years.  Expect to see an increase in the political and legal harassment of Believers, and when the Beast rises, if not before, outright persecution will begin — I believe history shows us the risks and dangers.  For the sake of our children, we need to make preparations for what is to come.

 The Conversion Process

This is always a difficult subject.  We have made the argument that homosexual ‘conversion’ often occurs while still a minor.  In this case, I would postulate that the 20 year old ‘converted’ the 3 other teens while they were young minors.  The victim of their sexual attack could very well have refused their predatory advances, and was attacked and filmed in retaliation.  They bet that the victim would be too ashamed to call the police after they videoed their attack — but this time, they lost.  Of course, I do not know what actually happened, but the tragedy of child abuse by minors on younger children is becoming all too common.  The normalization of homosexuality is only going to worsen this phenomena.

Erosion of Freedom,fbi-urges-companies-to-build-spying-tools-into-devices.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=editors_picks&google_editors_picks=true

History has already seen what the Federal government will do with new powers to pursue ‘criminals’ — they will indiscriminately use those powers against innocent people.  The power grab of the state will only continue — it will take a major change in our political leaders and how they are elected to stop this trend.

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