Middle Earth
Not only are the glaciers of the world of melting — Iceland, Switzerland, Nepal — but also the glaciers of Middle Earth. 

I went to the mountains of New Zealand’s south island, which were so beautifully highlighted in many scenes from the Lord of the Rings.  They were truly beautiful.  I make mention of this only because I found an interesting ‘coincidence’ with this report — the earthquakes off the coast of Australia’s Queensland’s coast.

Australia is a very quite continent seismologically speaking — climbing its highest mountain is literally an afternoon stroll.  It again makes me think about the linkage between the melting of the world’s land ice and the surge in the world’s volcanism.  Food for thought.

California Burning
California still is enduring hot, dry weather — despite the developing El Nino — and the forest fires continue to rage.

The Arctic also is experiencing its own heat wave, causing the boreal forests to similarly burn.  According to Revelation, this is all just a precursor for what is to come.

Loss of Sovereignty
The ‘migrant crisis’ of the European Union is all of their own making, as they facilitate the flow of illegal immigrants (or ‘migrants’ as the major media would refer to them, like they are birds flying north) by aiding the people smugglers by picking up their impossibly overloaded boats off the coast of Africa.  Once these migrants successfully cross into Europe, many continue their illegal behavior  by attempting to enter England via the Channel tunnel –

– http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/11778610/Watch-Over-200-migrants-breach-Euro-Tunnel-fences.htm 

The EU member nations have lost control of not only their borders, but of the policing of their own nations.  These illegal immigrants are not placed in jail, despite their ongoing illegal behavior.  However, this fits the agenda of the children of the Beast, as one of their goals is the creation of mega-state — in to achieve that, they must weaken and eventually destroy the sovereignty of individual nation-states.  It has been a long term ongoing process, which is still being played out in the media today.

This process has progressed to an even higher degree in America, where the southern border is extremely porous –

– http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-census-latinos-20150708-story.html

In California, Latinos now outnumber American Caucasians.  This ongoing process will eventually mean that elections will be determined by those who have illegally entered into the country — such a voting block will be more easily swayed into surrendering America’s sovereignty when the time comes.  The children of the Beast continue to be very busy.

I suppose I may sound a bit conservative, politically speaking, but the so called ‘progressives’ are merely using propaganda to sell their policies to an unthinking public.  The true agenda has nothing to do with mercy, tolerance, or compassion.  They are working for the rise of a secular moshiach — who will eventually prove to be the Beast, the Anti-Christ.

The signs of Revelation continue to surround us.

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