The UK has been struggling over the issue of Brexit for a number of years.  It is now coming to a head as Boris Johnson is making a major push to deliver, and divorce the UK from the EU.  The outcome of the most recent battle is still uncertain, as the “Remainers” (those opposed to Brexit) have joined together across party lines to stop a no-deal Brexit (only through a no-deal Brexit can the UK be truly free from EU control).

This site has argued that in order for a European mega-state to be formed from the political merger of nation-states, the EU in its current state must first break up.  Only after such a break up, will those nations willing to surrender their sovereignty be able to successfully forge their mega-state.  A no-deal Brexit could serve as the catalyst that will set up the needed chain of events.  We will soon see if a no-deal Brexit will finally be delivered or not.  Should Boris Johnson (or eventually Nigel Farage, the head of the Brexit Party) be able to deliver, then be prepared to see more EU member states attempt to make their own escape.

These events are tied to prophecies found in Revelation (Revelation, chapter 13).  Revelation tells us that a tyrant (the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ) will rise to power over a mega-state, created from the political merger of 10 nation-states.  The European Union is the main candidate to fulfill those prophecies relating to the rise of the Anti-Christ.

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