Despite the massive propaganda efforts by the media (though amazingly some media outlets gave support to the leave camp), the dire warnings from established politicians of the leading parties, the negative report from the IMF, and the hypocritical plea from President Obama, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.  This is a crucial victory for those seeking to escape the embrace of the Beast.

We have long argued that the political agenda of the children of the Beast (those working to bring about the rise of the Beast) is the political merger of the member nation-states of the European Union and thus, the forging of a mega-state.  The Beast would then rise to his final position of power by taking over this new unholy creation.  The referendum results has been a major defeat for those ‘activists’ of the ‘European project’, but the children of the Beast lost no time in trying to nullify the democratic referendum vote.  The media has become shrill in its ongoing propaganda attacks on the referendum results.  

Revelation tells us that the coming Beast will come to power over a 10 nation confederation.  Given that the the EU currently has 28 member states, we have also long argued that the EU will break up, and then from the ashes of that failed attempt, 10 nations will politically merge to create the mega-state that will give rise to the Anti-Christ.  The move by the UK to leave the European Union may prove to be the catalyst that will result in the break up of the EU in its current form.

The victory for the Brexit supporters has encouraged people in other European nations to hold their own referendums on whether to stay in the European Union.  The National Front of France has made leaving the EU a stated policy goal, and if a Presidential election were to be held today, polls indicate that Le Penn, the head of the NF, would win the election.  Another political party, the 5 Star Movement of Italy, which calls for Italy to leave the EU, has just won important mayoral elections.  Political parties in other European nations have called for their own referendum on EU membership.  There is now real momentum in Europe for a return to democracy and the protection of the sovereignty of nations.

Should our argument be correct, in that the EU, in its current state, must break up, then the impact will be devastating to the ‘hologram’ economy that has been created by the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank.    Their monetary polices have fueled a global explosion in debt, an intentional decision, as they sought to bring about economic growth through borrowing and leverage.  National debt levels, corporate debt levels, and borrowing by individuals have driven up assets prices — stocks, bonds, real estate — to unsustainable levels.  A break up of the EU would shatter the illusion that covers the current global economy, and with that shattering, assets will plummet back to their fundamental levels — which is perhaps half of their current levels.  in such a scenario, the children of the Beast will move to panic people into surrendering their rights and freedoms for the promise of economic stability — and in that surrender, the 10 nation mega-state will come into being.

 The children of the Beast will not give up their fight to bring about the ascendancy of the Anti-Christ — so too must those who wish to remain free from his grasp continue their own fight.  The Anti-Christ will eventually rise to power, but that does not mean your country is fated to fall under his dominion!

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