Bits and PIeces

The Sixth Seal It can be argued that Death and Hades have been set loose and are laying claim to their quarter of the world.  We have previously cited a UN report on refugees and referencing that report, it would seem that a quarter of the world is now engulfed in conflicts that are causing … Continue reading “Bits and PIeces”

A Global Ponzi Game?

Since the beginning of the site, we have argued that a financial crisis would play a role in the introduction of the cashless state.  A financial crisis of catastrophic proportions could also serve to be a catalyst for other changes as well. Let us start with an extreme assumption, that the current global explosion of … Continue reading “A Global Ponzi Game?”

Bits and Pieces

 Massive Red Tide The large ‘blob’ of unusually warm ocean water off the California coast has been identified as one possible factor causing that state’s drought.  It is also an important factor for the ongoing presence of a massive harmful algae bloom (aka HAB) off the West Coast (warmer water is conducive to the formation of … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

Global Financial Markets

The major central banks of the world — the Federal Reserve Bank, the ECB, the Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, etc — have directly and indirectly intervened into their stock markets, bond markets, currency markets and even real estate markets, to manipulate them and create artificial prices.  This unprecedented interference in the price … Continue reading “Global Financial Markets”

Cashless Society

The ‘activists’ (aka children of the Beast) continue their quest to implement a cashless society, preparing the way for the mark of the Beast — Their arguments are empty and ignore the basic problem with such a system — the government will have the ability to assert total control over society.  The government will have … Continue reading “Cashless Society”