Massive Red Tide

The large ‘blob’ of unusually warm ocean water off the California coast has been identified as one possible factor causing that state’s drought.  It is also an important factor for the ongoing presence of a massive harmful algae bloom (aka HAB) off the West Coast (warmer water is conducive to the formation of HABs)  — it stretches from California to Alaska, hundreds of miles wide and hundreds of feet deep.  We reported on this phenomena earlier, and its presence is still being felt, most recently by the crab industry.

Revelation tells us that in the End of Days, the ocean will turn to blood, killing all marine life trapped within.  This site has argued that the ongoing warming and acidification of the world’s ocean (due to global warming) will worsen to the point where 1/3 of the world’s oceans will be engulfed in a gigantic red tide, that will turn the oceans the color of blood and kill all life found within.  The massive HAB off the west coast of America serves as a precursor for what is to come.

Behavioral Finance

There is a relatively new brand of economic thinking called behavioral finance.  I have not studied this new brand of economics, but it would appear that our federal government and the Federal Reserve have come to embrace it.  Behavioral finance seems to focus on how people can make ill formed and ‘wrong’ economic decisions, which would give proponents of big government the argument that government should use its power to be sure people made the ‘right’ economic decisions.  By this logic, it becomes an ‘economic policy’ to distort economic data calculations in order to get people to make the ‘correct’ economic decisions.  By similar logic, should people fail to make the ‘right’ decisions despite the manipulations of media/government, then the federal government should force them (Obamacare is a case in point — a lot of people were not buying health insurance, so the government tried to make them)..

The implications of the above argument are significant, and by understanding it, it allows us to better understand the unspoken government justification for its distortions on the true state of the economy and on its ongoing expansion of government control over the private economy.

For example, the government statistics on the Consumer Price Index would have us believe that inflation is non-existent, or ‘too low’.  Using this justification, they have printed an unprecedented amount of money through a zero interest rate policy combined with a massive monetization of government debt (i.e. the Federal Reserve’s purchases of government bonds) .

Despite what government statistics say, the high level of the realized rate of inflation (the actual increase in the cost of things that people must buy to live — food, utilities, gas, rent, health insurance) has made buying the essentials of life very expensive, especially as wages have stagnated while costs of living has gone up.  The number of homeless has increased, exacerbated by the steep rise in rents.  The number of Americans falling below the poverty line has continued to rise (should the realized rate of inflation be factored in, this number would rise even further).  Many middle aged men who lost their manufacturing jobs have fallen into despair and are killing themselves with drugs.  Demand for free food from food banks has increased.

The government and media are saying ‘all is well’, and if you aren’t, well it sucks to be you — that is the message Americans are given by the major media outlets.  This propaganda seeks to have people blame themselves for the economic hardships they are suffering, and not blame government policy.  It is a very cruel strategy.

We will try to focus more on economic issues as they relate to a number of prophecies in Revelation — the overthrow of democracy, the banning of cash and the implementation of a federal bio-metric ID system, the government takeover of the private economy.

Global Volcanic Activity

It seems to me that Earth is a complicated planet.  If you compare it with the moon (which I know is not a planet), well you really cannot compare but you know what I mean.  At the core of the Earth is a giant molten core of iron, and somehow it is surround by a spinning outer layer of liquefied iron.  Then there are the shifting plates, and related earthquakes, as well as volcanoes that spew out gas and lava from the Earth’s mantle.

We have postulated that an eruption of a supervolcano can serve to fulfill prophecies in Revelation.  To support this, we referred to scientific research that shows a high level of volcanic activity occurred when there was significant melting of Arctic ice.  Not only is the Arctic land based ice melting, as well as the permafrost in the summer season, but in Antarctica, land based ice is also melting.

Whether by coincidence, or causation, volcanic activity has been discovered in both the North and South polar regions.  In the Arctic, the volcanoes are found in the deep ocean.  If such an eruption were to have occurred on land, and not in the deep ocean, the events surrounding the opening if the sixth seal would gave already been fulfilled.  In Antarctica, the volcanic activity lies below the ice, hidden from view.  It is difficult to know what is going on, other than knowing some sort of volcanic activity is taking place.

As the effects of global warming worsen, the land-based ice will continue to shrink in both the North and South polar regions.  According to certain scientific theories, this increases the chances of major global volcanic activity — which may have already started given recent eruptions of many volcanoes around the world.

If our speculation proves correct, the whole world should soon see the effects of the opening of the sixth seal.

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