An Indisputable Sign of the End of Days

I have come to believe that the opening of the sixth seal in Revelation is meant to serve as an indisputable sign to the world, that we are indeed in the End of Days..  We have argued that the End of Days actually began decades ago with the opening of the first seal that unleashed … Continue reading “An Indisputable Sign of the End of Days”

Supervolcano Hotspot

America is home to 3 supervolcanos, all of which are in the western half of the nation.  This makes America the supervolcano hot spot of the world.  When it comes to worrying about a major eruption, people are mostly stressed about the Yellowstone caldera — maybe because its eruption was depicted in a disaster film. … Continue reading “Supervolcano Hotspot”

A Supervolcano is starting to act up

Sakurajima is the Japanese supervolcano, found right next to the Kyushu city of Kagoshima.  I would guess that it is the most active supervolcano in the world, as it regularly belches gas and ash.  This week it starting belching more than that as these pictures testifies — Given recent research, this new activity is not necessarily an indication … Continue reading “A Supervolcano is starting to act up”