America is home to 3 supervolcanos, all of which are in the western half of the nation.  This makes America the supervolcano hot spot of the world.  When it comes to worrying about a major eruption, people are mostly stressed about the Yellowstone caldera — maybe because its eruption was depicted in a disaster film.  However, given the recent research report which argued that an earthquake is the mostly likely trigger for supervolcano eruptions, we should turn our worried eyes elsewhere.

There is a supervolcano located next to a major city in Kyushuu, in western Japan.  Japan is a nation often rocked by powerful earthquakes, the most recent causing the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.  This makes the Sakurajima supervolcano a potential candidate for a Revelation-like eruption.  Not so far away, in Indonesia, is the Lake Tuba supervolcano.  It is believed that its eruption 75,000 years ago was the most recent supervolcano eruption — and it is credited with causing a mass extinction.  It has recently been heating up, literally, as the ground in the surrounding villages has actually gotten warmer.  However, when it comes to the opening of the sixth seal, I put my money on a different supervolcano.

In northern California, there is the Long Valley caldera.  This supervolcano is located on the Owen Valley fault line.  Given that earthquakes in California are not rare, and given that the Long Valley caldera is located next to a major fault line, I would rank this supervolcano as the top candidate for manifesting the opening of the sixth seal.  Another factor lies in its geographic location — it is located in the northern hemisphere, to the west of New York and Washington DC.  A super ash cloud would drift east, affecting not only the major cities on the east coast of America, but also those in Europe.  This area has the highest concentration of rich and powerful people, who have access to mountain bunkers to flee to.  It would also cause the most economic and political havoc should it erupt.  Given this, I say keep your eyes on the Long Valley caldera.

At this point we should note, the book of Revelation makes several references to the world being covered in darkness, which given our current line of thinking, implies that there will be several distinct eruptions, that will darken the world.  Should this occur, it would actually validate the scientific research report that argues that previous melting of the Arctic land based ice is correlated with a significant increase in global volcanic activity.  The current melting of polar ice, both in the Arctic and in Antarctica, looks to have a similar impact on the world’s volcanoes.

We live in a very interesting time in history — for better or worse.


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