Fallen Angel

The Erosion of Democracy and the Coming Tyrant

We have argued that the Beast will rule over his mega-state as a tyrant, overturning any remaining vestiges of democratic process when he rise to power.  The destruction of democracy will not happen overnight — it is a process that has already begun, as Constitutional rights and protects are being eroded and destroyed at this time.  There is nothing more fundamental to democracy as free and fair elections.  In Austria, in order to stave off an electoral victory by a ‘far-right nationalist’, the entrenched agents of the Beast have postponed Presidential elections due to problems with the glue on the envelopes of postal votes — given such a weak excuse, one can only guess what excuse will be construed in another two months time to further stave off electoral defeat.


There is now fear that should Hillary’s election chances look too dismal, there will be an attempt by the Obama administration to suspend the US Presidential election.  Any attempt to do so, would amount to a direct attack on the democratic process in America — we shall have to wait and see how things play out.


The Window to Leave the EU is Closing

The Brussels bureaucrats are working hard to prevent any other EU member nations from leaving.



Given that the European nations spend little on national defense, it is obvious that Brussels’ move to create an EU army is not meant to defend against Russia.  Those working for an EU army only have one purpose in mind — to suppress any attempt by members nations from leaving the EU.  Once military units are created that are only answerable to Brussels, they can be used against individuals and organizations (including political parties) working to have their nations leave the EU.  They could be used to suppress demonstrations or stop referendums.  Should any nation seek to leave the EU, they must hurry before that window closes.


The Opening of the Sixth Seal

The last major supervolcano eruption occurred tens of thousands of years ago.  Scientists now believe that one supervolcano, Sakurajima in Japan, is due for a major eruption within 30 years — very soon in terms of geological time frames.


We have argued that there may be more than one supervolcano catastrophic eruption during the End of Days (please refer to the topical write up, ‘Science and the Sixth Seal’).  This site has also argued that the opening of the Sixth Seal is the next event on the timeline found in Revelation.  Science is again giving support to our arguments and the prophecies of Revelation.

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