Under the Obama administration, the US has only worsened the chaos that is gripping much of the Middle East and also large parts of Africa.  The income and wealth divide in America is becoming more like the feudal period, where only a handful of ‘nobility’ controlled most of the wealth in the nation.  Similarly, the erosion and direct attacks on the rights and protections of ordinary citizens has resulted in a significant erosion of Constitutional protections.  Should Clinton win the US Presidential election this November, I would argue that it would virtually guarantee that America will fall under the dominion of the Beast when he rises to power.  Only an act of God could save America.

A Trump victory this November would trigger a massive reaction from the agents of the Beast.  Given their influence over the financial system, we could expect the stock market to crash.  The Federal Reserve has created a massive debt and asset bubble.  Government statistics have been manipulated to hide the reality of what is going on in the economy.  Should Trump win, the agents of the Beast will burst the bubble and fully reveal the true state to the economy — and blame it all on Trump.

It is time for the many to take back control from the few.  If the few win and Clinton manages to get elected, then truly, people will get what they deserve — and it will not be pretty.

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