There are those who would dismiss the dangers of election fraud as ‘conspiracy theory’, but as the agents of the Beast have demonstrated, they will say and do anything in their quest for political power.  In this year’s elections in Austria, the agents of the Beast sought to prevent Norbert Hofer from coming to power.  Hofer seeks to turn Austria away from the European Union, one of the bastions of power for the Beast.  The acts of election fraud were found to be so widespread and blatant that the Austria courts overturned the election results (where Hofer lost by less than 37,000 votes), and ordered new elections for this fall.

In America, different states have sought to reduce election fraud by requiring voters to show identification when they vote.  The courts have invalidated those efforts.

The Clinton campaign is looking to take advantage of the situation.  They have made preparations to facilitate systematic election fraud, using their ‘Dreamers’ initiative.

The stated purpose is to recruit and organize illegal immigrants, and others who are not legally able to vote, for the purpose of ‘getting out the vote’.  Given that voters are not required to show ID means that Dreamers will be in a position to vote in the place of anyone they determine will not vote.  

We have argued that one of the end goals of illegal immigration is to create a voting block that will be willing to surrender the sovereignty of their host nation, as they have no identification to that nation.  The Dreamers presents an attempt by the agents of the Beast to cash in early.

Obama is also looking to harness immigrant voters.  Obama is spending tax payer money to help facilitate immigrant applications for full citizenship — and then register them to vote.  Whether these new citizens vote or not, the Clinton Dreamers will know who they are, and will ‘assist’ them to vote, one way or another.

The children of the Beast, both in Europe and in America, are attempting to use illegal immigrants to push the scales in their favor, in their attempts to destroy the sovereignty of nations.  The agents of the Beast are working for the destruction of the nation state and in its place, the creation of a mega-state.  Its the mega-state, the political merger of 10 nations, from which the Beast (aka Anti-Christ) will rise to his final place of power.  

The ascension of the Beast is still a ways off, but his agents are busy preparing the way for his rise.  The signs of the coming Beast are constantly in the news, as his agents are extremely active.

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