The press tell us that the Italian navy is ‘rescuing’ desperate refugees off the coast of Libya.

Basically, African nationals will pile up in boats, with no engines, or otherwise in boats that have no chance of ever traveling very far from the Libyan coast.  They then wait for the Italian navy to pick them up and give them a free ride the rest of the way to Europe.  The Italian navy is merely facilitating the influx of illegal immigrants, at the expense of Italian taxpayers.  The EU then demands that the rest of the EU member nations take these ‘refugees’.

The agents of the Beast are intent on the creation of a European mega-state, through the political unification of EU member states.  To overcome the will of the people of these nations, the agents of the Beast are attempting to flood the EU with ‘refugees’, and will then eventually grant them voting rights, with the expectation that these ‘migrants’ will be willing to vote away the sovereignty of their host nations.  This process has been ongoing in America, as illegal immigration is at an advanced stage.  In America, the agents of the Beast are attempting to use illegal immigrants to win elections.  In Europe, the Beast and his agents are attempting to implement the same model.

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