The recent Turkish tank invasion of Syria has an interesting name — Euphrates Shield.  Given that there are four pissed off fallen angels still chained up in the Euphrates River, a Turkish tank invasion will not do anything to shield them when those angels are unleashed.

This invasion of Syria marks a dramatic increase in  Turkish involvement in the war.  Turkey has now sent troops and tanks into Syria, which is an act of war against Syria.  Turkey is also supporting anti-Assad rebels (a pro-Turkish variety), aiding in their efforts to capture Syrian territory.  This invasion dramatically increases the chances of another exchange of fire between Turkish and Russian military forces.  Those in the US who are looking to pick a fight with Russian, would use such an exchange as an excuse to push NATO into a fight with Russia (remember, Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance).

The timeline of Revelation tells us that such a fight will not happen yet, as other events must first take place.  In the meantime, the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq will continue, and in doing so, events will conspire for this Syrian war to ignite a much larger war — one that is foretold in Revelation 9:14-15.

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