Professor Peter Wadhams has recently published a book entitled ‘A Farewell to Ice’, where he lays out his arguments regarding the impacts of man-made global warming in the Arctic region.

Peter Wadhams has been passionate in his arguments that man-made global warming has triggered a self-reinforcing cycle of global warming in the Arctic region.  This website has embraced all of his arguments as they pertain to global warming.  Wadhams argues that man-made made global warming is triggering the release of methane that is found in the Arctic, and that in the not too distant future, the Arctic will warm up sufficiently to cause a catastrophic release of methane that will cause a sudden and massive spike in global temperatures.

This website embraces his research as it is supportive of our argument that global warming will be a driving force behind many of the prophecies found in Revelation.  It is also supportive of our timeline, that Christ will return by 2047.  For this reason, I would recommend that people buy this publication and read it for yourselves.

Science can be considered a friend of faith in the End of Days, as the scientific research of Professor Wahams is completely consistent with and supportive of many of the prophecies found in Revelation.

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