Fallen Angel

I would argue that aside from news reports on traffic accidents, the weather, and local crime, the major news outlets have absolutely zero credibility.  So much of the ‘news’ serves as spin for the agenda of those working for the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach, aka Anti-Christ.

One ‘news’ article from the BBC stood out today, with the header ‘Brexit vote revives dream of EU army’.


Basically, the article is merely a rehash of some old news, and a quote from the German Defense Minister from this past week.  There is no ‘dream’ of an EU army, as if it were some wonderful notion that everyone is hoping for.  The current national armies of the European nations are so underfunded, that many NATO members are not meeting their agreed upon military budgets as outlined by the NATO treaty (which Trump referred to recently).  The only people who ‘dream’ of an EU army are those who would use it to insure that there is never another Brexit-type of referendum again.  It is obvious that would it merely serve as a tool of Brussels to keep other EU member nations from leaving, or to force them to take more illegal immigrants.  They would be like the brown shirts of Hitler, serving as the muscle to enforce the will of Brussels within the EU.

The ‘news’ is filled with articles that are merely espousing some form of propaganda.  The major news outlets have lost all credibility.  As Believers, we have the Book of Revelation to help us see through the deceptions.

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