The opening of the floodgates of allegations of sexual harassment, assault, pedophilia and rape against Hollywood elites is unprecedented.  Up until now the mass media protected these sexual abusers, enabling them to run amok for decades.  What changed?  Is it possible that the Jewish civil war has entered a new phase?  By giving voice to the victims of sexual attacks, have the defenders of a soverign and independent Israel launch a bold counter-attack against the Hollywood Jews who support and fund the campaign against the Netanyahu administration?

The attacks against the current Israeli administration are coming from Jews based in America and Europe.  We have argued that the motivation for these attacks have nothing to do with compassion for the plight of Palestinians, but rather their ultimate goal is for the political merger of Israel into the coming European mega-state.

Would it be fitting to say that the current Jewish civil war over the future of Israel is a battle between the children of Abraham verses the children of Baal?  The children of Abraham seek to keep Israel an independent, soverign nation, dedicated to be the home for the Jewish people.  The children of Baal are attacking Zionism as the first step in their long term campaign to fold Israel into the future European mega-state ― as we have previously argued, the Beast needs to control Israel in order to take control of the Jewish Temple after it is built (2Thessalonians 2:4).

During the ancient history of the Jewish people, there have been periods where the Jewish people turned away from God, to worship other deities. Perhaps the most significant deity was Baal, who was worshiped in Canaan. Baal was a fertility god, of both the land (agriculture) and of reproduction (both animal and human), so worship rites involved sexual intercourse as well as animal and human sacrifice.  The worship of Baal was so prevalent at one point of time, that the prophet Ezekiel had to kill nearly 500 priests of Baal in his attempt to purge Israel (1 Kings 18).  One of the symbols of Baal is the bull, so when the Israelites began to worship the golden calf after their escape from Pharaoh, they were in fact once again worshiping Baal.  The religions of the Babylonians and the ancient Egyptians have died out. However, is it possible that the religion of the Canaanites has survived among the Jewish community? Given how the recent scandals amply demonstrate the sexual depravity of the Hollywood Jews, it is only a small leap to wonder whether they are somehow connected to a cult of Baal. Revelation tells us that Satan will handover his power and authority on earth to the Anti-Christ, who will take on the guise of the Jewish secular moshiach (aka messiah).  Revelation also tells us that those who worship Satan will at that point worship the Anti-Christ. Is it possible that many of the Jews who are working for the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach are knowingly preparing the way for Satan’s anointed one?  One can only speculate on the continued existence of Baal worship and how it has evolved over the centuries.  It is a curious fact that the Church of Satan symbol of the goatman is reminiscent of symbolism from ancient Baal worship (whose other symbol is that of a ram), and that the ritual sacrifice of children and use of sex during worship rites also stem from ancient practices of Baal worship.

Hopefully the children of Abraham have joined in the battle against the children of the Baal.

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