Previously, we tried to explore how our daily lives can be taken up by our spiritual and our secular activities.  As Believers, though we are not of this world, we are still in this world (John 17:15-16).  For this reason, we still need to earn a living, go to school, take care of our family and otherwise attend to the requirements of our life in this world – our sphere of secular life.  For our spiritual life, God has tasked us to love others and to help take care of both their spiritual needs as well as help them with the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter and safety.  In the End of Days, we could be facing a time when secular and spiritual spheres converge, where secular action is required to perform our spiritual duties.

The agents of the Beast have been striving to achieve their political agenda of undermining both democracy and the sovereignty of the nation-state.  With the events of this past November, where the agents of the Beast “won” the US Presidential election through systematic and wide-spread voter fraud, the agents of the Beast have managed to cut out the heart of democracy in the US – free and fair elections.  Should Biden/Harris be allowed to enter the White House, it will mark the death of democracy in the US.  The agents of the Beast will move into hyper-drive, looking to quickly consolidate their power.  After changing the laws to allow them to rig every federal as well as state and location elections, they will move to attack the Constitution in order to prepare the way for the rise of the coming tyrant.  At the same time, the agents of the Beast will move to destroy the sovereignty of America, in order to join it will the coming European mega-state.

The reverberations of the above will cause tremendous suffering for Believers and non-Believers alike.  The physical as well as the spiritual deaths that will arise because of the actions of the agents of the Beast will dwarf anything they have done to date.  By taking up arms to begin the Second Revolutionary War, Believers and non-Believers alike would be fighting to not only save democracy and prevent the destruction of America as a nation, but also to prevent tragedy in the lives of a countless number of people.

By taking action to stop a Biden Presidency, I would argue that Believers would be acting as servants of God, pro-actively serving to prevent both the spiritual and physical deaths that would flow from a Biden Administration.

This is an argument that would require Believers to make difficult decisions.  We are in the End of Days, and we will be facing many more difficult decisions in the coming days.  May God bless us with His wisdom and guidance.






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