This site has made the argument that the Whore of Babylon, the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration, stole the last US Presidential election through massive voter fraud.  The Whore ripped out the heart of democracy, by compromising the election process.  As the Democrat “Voter Rights” bill is stalled, they are currently unable to roll out the same vote rigging for the upcoming Congressional elections (well, they will probably only be limited to a few states that they control, like California, New York, etc).

Though pure speculation, I would make the argument that in order to invalidate or otherwise compromise the results of this year’s Congressional election, the Whore will be willing to instigate a war with Russia.  A war before the Congressional election can serve several purposes, with the main motivation being that they will claim that Russia tainted election results through one device or another (e.g. hacking, etc, etc), making their defeat at the polls invalid.  They will then move to impose some sort of federal control over local and state elections using this excuse, there by allowing them to implement their “Voter Rights” bill without the approval of Congress (or perhaps federal control of voting machines, allowing them to systematically rig the vote electronically).  The replay of the elections will result in the Democrats having a majority in both the House and Senate, as the Whore will have again been able to rig the vote.

Though this scenario is not directly related to the prophecies of Revelation, it would be consistent with them, as laid out by this site.  We will have to wait and see how things play out into November, but rest assured, the Whore is willing to say and do anything to consolidate and expands its illegitimate control over America.  Each Believer must make a personal decision about how they are to react.  May God give you the wisdom to see His path.


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