In our last post, we started to speculate that the Whore, the power behind the illegitimate Biden Presidency, will look to use an outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine as a means by which they will seek to rig the upcoming Congressional elections.  One idea we briefly postulated was that the Whore would use the pretext of Russian hacking interference for a federal takeover of the state and local election machines.  This “protection” would be the cover under which the Whore would again be able to rig the elections, by their own hacking of the election machines to insure that the Democrats maintain and expand their majority in Congress — most likely even seeking to gain a filibuster proof advantage in the Senate.

Today, already stories are starting to hit the wires of a forthcoming Russian hacking attack.

This site has now set forth the argument that an outbreak of fighting in Ukraine would serve two purposes for the Whore.  We early argued that the Whore is more interested in weakening and dominating the Beast/Anti-Christ (the power behind the European Union), rather than seeking to weaken Russia.  An outright military conflict with Russia would ravage Ukrainian society (like US attacks on Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq), but not only that, it would have the potential to spill into a larger NATO conflict, which would cause the Beast/EU to suffer incredibly — while the Whore merely sends military assets across the Atlantic to help fuel the conflict.

Not only does the Whore get to increase their dominance over the Beast, but the Whore will further use the conflict as a means to gain federal control over the upcoming Congressional elections, enabling them to rig the voting machines.  They will seek a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, as well as maintaining their control of the House.

This scenario is not directly related to any of the prophecies found in Revelation, though it is consistent with them.  Even if we prove to be correct in our argument, that does not mean that all will go according to plan.  Revelation tells us that God will destroy the Whore and all of Heaven will celebrate in her destruction (Revelation 19:1-3).  Revelation also tells us the Beast will grow to hate the Whore (Revelation 17:16)– and the suffering stemming from a NATO-Russian war would surly be one factor (especially if the war was due to intentional US provocations).

I also had one interesting side-thought which is related.  As the Beast will grow to hate the Whore, and participate in the destruction of the Whore, then would the Beast actually assist those seeking to overthrow the Whore’s control of America?  I have no idea how Satan views the prophecies of Revelation but as God will call up His Believers to Him in the rapture after the destruction of the Whore, would it not be in the best interests of the Beast to assist a revolution against the Whore?  If Believers retake control of America and the Whore is destroyed, then when the rapture occurs, there will be no leadership left to govern America — the Beast can take control of America in the ensuing chaos.  Now I know this sounds pretty out there — I am not crazy (which only the crazy man says).  However, I do find it an interesting notion.

Needless to say, this scenario is speculation on my part, but soon enough, events will either support our arguments or not.  Either way, the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12-17) and the destruction of the Whore (Revelation 17:16) are not speculation, but rather God’s word.  Believers will need to ride out the storm and hold on long enough until Christ calls up His Believers in the rapture.  Make preparations so that you may endure in your faith.

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