Though the agents of the Beast have extremely deep pockets to fund their pursuit of their political agenda, they are few in number compared to the millions of Believers.  For this reason, they have used the classic “divide and conquer” strategy to win elections.  They seek to divide Believers with their propaganda of hate — whether it is racial or religious or socio-economic or even age, the agents of the Beast seek to splinter the society of Believers by any means possible.

For this reason, let us pray that God will allow His Chosen to see through the lies being perpetuated by mass and social media, and unite to oppose those seeking to advance the political agenda of the Anti-Christ.  Should all Believers unite, the Beast and his agents can be stalled, allowing our children to live a safer and more secure life for a little longer.

Let all Believers unite in their struggle against those seeking to bring about the ascension of the Beast.

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