As we move further into the End of Days, Believers will be faced with increasingly difficult challenges.  For example, what should we do if the Democrats win the Presidency and control of both Houses of Congress through massive and systematic election fraud this November?  Democracy will be dead and the rhetoric and violence being targeted at President Trump will be turned towards Believers.  For those with the means, fleeing to other countries is one option.  I believe that Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are places where Believers will find peace for a time.  Unfortunately, that option is only available to the few.  For those without the means to flee, the options become more stark.  Digging in will no longer be a viable option, as the agents of the Beast will be freed from having to worry about winning elections, given that they will be in a position to rig every single election going forward.  They will launch a torrent of new laws and policies that will overwhelm Believers.  The only other option will be to take up arms.  It has been generally believed that God allows Believers to take the life of others in times of war.  God give us wisdom should this scenario unfold.

All Believers must pray — and vote — and ask God to push this day of reckoning back for at least another four years.  Believers in America are staring directly into the face of the rider on the white horse, the first horseman of the apocalypse.  They must firmly punch him in the face and tell him that his time has not yet come!

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