I would guess that there are many Jewish people who feel that they are ‘doing God’s work’ in their political activities.  One historically important Jewish thinker argued that working for the rise of the Jewish secular moshiach is a central religious duty for all Jewish people.  I believe that this is one factor for why there are so many Jewish ‘political activists’.  Unfortunately, I believe that their activities are misguided, and in the end, these political activists are actually preparing the way for the rise of the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ (please refer to the Topics section for a more detailed discussion).

Believers are taught to focus on tending to the spiritual needs of others, as well as doing acts of charity.  I would argue that keeping the Beast at bay for as long as possible would similarly qualify as tending to the spiritual needs of others.  The US Supreme Court did something that no election could do — it normalized homosexuality by legalizing gay marriage.  By this act, there will be growing segment of the population that will find it all but impossible to find salvation.

The next President will get to fill a vacant spot on the Supreme Court.  If Clinton wins, she will select someone who has a demonstrated record of supporting a political agenda that is consistent with that of the coming Beast.


To stop the US Supreme Court from further harming the chances of children from finding their way to God, I believe that Believers must also engage in politics.  In the End of Days, it has become important to maintain an environment that is not hostile to Believers.

One simple way to help resist the Beast and his agents, is to help register all eligible voters in your church and community.  On election day, you can help people get to the polls — maybe even hold a party afterwards!  The longer we can keep the Beast at bay, the greater chance we give our children of being able to find their way to Jesus.  It is already becoming too late for many children who are being converted to homosexuality.


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