A witches brew is in the making in the world.  There is nothing to stop Russia from pursuing its own perceived security goal of keeping Ukraine a security buffer between itself and NATO — indeed, this time, it has been NATO that has been increasingly encroaching on the Russia borders.  The Obama administration (with the help of some Senators like McCain) helped to goad Ukraine into overthrowing its Russian backed leadership, and now they are stuck in a no-win situation in the fight for Ukraine.  Should the struggle for control of Ukraine spill over into the economic front, through disruptions to the flow of Russian natural gas to Europe and other unintended economic consequences, this could be enough to prick the asset bubble created by the Federal Reserve.  Unraveling of the money printing asset bubble combined with an energy crisis in Europe should be enough to put the European government debt problem back on the front burner.  With government borrowing still increasing to historic levels, with net corporate debt now higher than it was before the Great Financial Crisis, and with no real change in the leverage found in the banks and other players in the financial markets (thank you Bernanke and Co), the debt mountain will erupt like a secondary explosion — only it will be much greater than the initial explosion should the asset bubble break.

However, what we are more concerned about at this point is whether the second rider has been unleashed upon the world or not.  Should the rider on the red horse be unleashed upon the world, then major global conflict will be the name of the game.  Should America and Europe fall into financial and economic turmoil at the same time of a major military conflict in Europe, that would pretty much be a green light for regional powers to make a move on their own — e.g. Israel attacking Iran, China attacking Japan.  These sort of developments would have to be considered confirmation that the second seal has indeed been opened, which means that the End of Days have indeed begun.

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