We have been arguing that America is steadly moving down a path that will result in its falling under the dominion of the Beast when he makes his ascension to his final place of power.  Similarly we have held out hope that God will still give Believers a chance to save America and make it a sanctuary from the Beast  Perhaps that last chance has shown itself —


The Michigan state legislature has just passed a vote calling for a national constitutional convention.  Article V of the US Constitution says that if 2/3 of the state legislatures so demand, a consitutional convention must be held,where the states can propose and vote on amendments to the US Constitution.  Michigan is the 32 state to pass this legislation, meaning that the 2/3threshold has been achieved.  Any amendments passed at the constitutional convention will become the law of the land.  I will investigate the details of the process more in later writeups.  I just wanted to post this quickly as this can be huge  (it seems the mass media controlled by the children of the Beast have mostly ignored this significant event).

The federal courts have blocked the states move to ban gay marriage, the current President has significantly weakened the constitutional freedoms of American citizens, the Houses of Congress are locked in battle in a fight over massive federal overspending and massive government debt, and the Federal Reserve policies are creating a massive wealth divide not seen since the feudal age in Europe.  The citizens of America now have a chance to have the final say on these matters.

Let us hope and pray that a consitutional convention will be held — there is only upside for Believers.  At best, America can be put on a path that leads to sanctuary for Believers — at worst, the pace at which America moves towards the Beast will quicken (which doesn’t matter as the destination is the same).

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