The Italian navy has been actively helping human traffickers off the coast of Libya.  The traffickers would tow rubber boats, overflowing with illegal migrants, just off the shores of Libya.  These rubber boats have zero chance of ever going anywhere, but where the current takes them.  The Italian navy then ‘rescues’ them (sort of like do-what-I-say-or-else-I-will-kill-myself).  The Italian government is also allowing private Open-Border groups to similarly facilitate human traffickers by doing the same thing (paid for by the agents of the Beast looking to create a mega-state in Europe).

This process has now just expanded in a significant fashion, as the Spanish navy has also started facilitating human trafficking off the coast of Morocco.

The agents of the Beast are hoping to overwhelm sovereign nations with a flood of refugees, with the goal of destroying those targeted nation states.  Only by the weakening and ultimate destruction of the nation-state can the Beast and his agents create their 10 nation mega-state from the ashes.

The people of Europe seem incapable of halting this tide.  The countries in eastern Europe — Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungry — must leave the EU if they wish to protect their citizens from the chaos of the Beast.


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