Another scientific study was just released which argues that there is little chance that the Paris climate accord will achieve its stated goal of limiting the rise of global warming to 2 degree centigrade.

This site has previously argued this same point, citing previously published scientific studies.  This latest study further supports our position.  The prophecies of Revelation tell us that in the End of Days, the world will be burned and scorched by heat.  There is ample scientific research that supports this scenario — the mass media and mainstream environment activists are only just catching up to our view.  However, we argue that things will heat up in a much quicker time frame than even the most dire predictions.  We have speculated that the time frame for Christ’s return is around 2048 — a hundred years from the birth of the modern state of Israel.  Should we be correct in this view, global warming will be spiking higher in an exponential fashion within the next 20 years.

Science is a friend to those who believe that we are in the End of Days — most scientists just don’t understand that yet.

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