There is a good reason for all of the forest fires in Oregon and Washington — high temperatures and drought are worsening in those states.,-extreme-drought-expands-in-western-us/

Though I have not seen any research on what is causing the unprecedented warming of the ocean off the California coast (which is a distinct phenomenon from the developing El Nino), I cannot help but wonder if melting of the Antarctica land ice is affecting the related Pacific Ocean currents.  We have already discussed scientific research that show the melting of the Antarctica land ice is causing a layer of fresh water in the ocean, which is preventing a ‘mixing’ of the ocean waters — which results in warmer than normal ocean water flowing northwards from Antarctica (historically speaking, this ‘mixing’ is crucial as it cools the warm ocean water flowing southward and sends that cooled water northward.  Could it be that this lack of mixing is causing a further warming of the ocean water in the northern Pacific waters?  Even without the coming monster El Nino, the ocean temperatures in the north Pacific have been rising and causing a high pressure ridge that has been a major factor in the expanding drought on the West Coast of America. If the melting of the Antarctica land ice is a factor in this phenomena, as it is sending warmer ocean water northward, then the Pacific Ocean water temperature will only get warmer — and so far, only bad things have happened from this warming.

Revelation tells us that in the End of Days, the world will experience a tremendous burst of heat, which will burn and destroy 1/3 of the world’s forests.  Summer is coming (couldn’t resist the Game of Thrones twist).


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