In the past, I have referred to the monetary stimulus programs of the Federal Reserve as heroine.  The Federal Reserve has not done anything to make the US economy healthier, but rather has made the economy seem better — similar to giving heroine to a junky.  The heroine makes the junky feel better, but the junky is only getting sicker from its use.

I have also argued that the policies of the Federal Reserve have served to increase the income distribution disparity in the US.  It massive printing of money drives up inflation, reducing the living standards of the majority.  At the same time, it inflates asset prices of stocks and real estate, increasing the wealth of the few.  In the meantime  while the Federal Reserve is keeping the junky sedated (creating an illusion of well being in America), the children of the Beast are better able to fund their quest for more political power and make progress on their political agenda.

Perhaps the only way to stop America’s gradual march down the path to the Beast’s lair, is to make it go cold turkey, and cut off the narcotics that is keeping America from waking up.  By this I mean, if America were to suffer a crash of its financial assets, it would serve the following:

  1.  It would cut off financing of many activist organizations that are working towards the political agenda of the Beast.  It would also reduce funding to politicians that would sell their votes to the Beast.
  2.  It would force America to finally address the factors that are causing the ongoing growth of the Underclass.  Current fiscal policy (massive deficit spending) and current monetary policy (massive printing of money) are not addressing the sickness affecting the US economy.  The so-called Immigration Reform bill would not only open the way for a national ID data base that could be used in introducing the mark of the Beast in America, but it would only aggravate the economic ills that are causing the destruction of the Middle class.
  3.  Many would suffer in an economic collapse, just as a junky suffers when denied its heroine, but the addict will be the better off once he recovers from his addiction.  Also, the children of the Beast will be the most affected, and may be so severely affected that they would have to give up on America and settle for only taking over parts of Europe (according to Revelations, some parts of Europe will not be able to escape the dominion of the Beast).

The fight over Bernanke’s replacement next year shows the importance of the Federal Reserve monetary stimulus to the financing of the Beast’s activities.  In the end, someone like Bernanke may again be appointed to lead the Federal Reserve, and thus guarantee a continuation of current policies.  Perhaps the only catalyst that would crash the price of financial assets would be a vote to not extend the debt limit, forcing the closure of the federal government.  This would be a risky strategy as the media would surely exacerbate any political fallout at the next round of national elections.

However the means, a 50% drop in stock and real estate prices may be extreme medicine that is needed to save America.

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