Fallen Angel

I have often referred to the children of the Beast.  Who am I referring to with this phrase?

When the Beast, the Anti-Christ, rises to power, he will not do so as a lone agent.  Prophecy interpretation is that he will gain dominion over a reconstituted Roman Empire, controlling 10 nations.  Given that the former components of the ancient Roman Empire are now democratic nations, like Italy, Spain, Greece, and France, the Beast will most likely be a secular political figure.  To gain power and influence over 10 democratically elected governments, the Beast will need considerable wealth and an extensive political organization.  The children of the Beast are the agents and representatives of his political organizations and activist groups, who are working to realize a political agenda that will prepare the way for his final ascension to power.

I have argued that the expectations concerning the messiah in traditional Judaic thought and similarly, the hopes and aspirations of a messianic era in more secular Jewish thinking, have strong similarities to what Revelation prophecies concerning the coming Anti-Christ.  Whereas incredibly smart and decent Jewish people may be working for political goals that they believe are consistent with bringing about a hoped for messianic era of peace in the world, their actions may in fact be ushering in the coming End of Days, as described in Revelation.

There is a passage in Revelation that refers to whore of Babylon riding on the Beast (please refer to other sites for more detailed scriptural teachings), that is often interpreted that the Church or some world religion will aid in the rise of the Beast.  Those interpretations go on to say that the Beast will betray that support, as he will eventually demand to be worshipped as the one true god.  In the past, the Catholic Church has been deemed to be the whore, and others have argued that some world religion will rise that will serve as the whore.  When I look at the world today, and I see those who are working for political goals that are consistent with the political agenda of the Beast, then I do not see the Catholic Church, nor do I see the rise of some new world religion (possibly atheism may actually fit this role).  However, I do see well funded, organized, and very active political groups that are working hard to achieve political goals that I believe will aid in the final rise of the Beast.  These groups will eventually succeed in bringing about the rise of politician who will seem to fulfill the qualities of the promised secular Jewish messiah, but as prophesied in Revelation, he will betray their confidence. The false Jewish messiah will overthrow the democratic institutions he used to gain power, and place his mark on all under his dominion.

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