Today is the start of this website.  I will look to post comments and observations on news and changes to our selective themes.  On the financial front, the IMF has recently approved the second bailout of Greece and will distribute another tranche of money to that country.  What is not clearly stated in the news is that the same failed policies for the Wall Street bailouts are still at work in Europe.  The global financial firms, who have made incredible amounts of money over the past decade of loose monetary policy, are feared to once again topple from losses on their private holdings of Greek government bonds — should there be a restructuring of the Greek debt.  Of course, the entire Greek banking systems is being funded completely by the European Central Bank already — bankrupt in everything but name already.  The degree to which the Irish and Portugese private banks are being carried by the ECB is uncertain, but it would not be surprising if those banks are also completely dependent on the ECB for their survival.
The current crisis will lead push Europe to move down the path as laid out by Revelations.  For some countries, in the end it will lead to their departure from the European Monetary Union and the Euro.  For the 10 nations that will eventually fall under the sway of the Beast, it will lead to a stronger integration of their nation’s financial system and government finances.  Just recently, Trichet, the current head of the European Central Bank, has called for a single Finance Ministry for the entire European Union — a necessary step toward the complete integration of the final 10 nations.

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